Here’s our take on wedding videos.

Of course, they’re for recording your big day (especially since you’re planning all the things), but they’re so much more than that.

After all, marriage is a commitment to share shiny victories, epic fails, and Netflix-and-chill weeknights for as long as you both shall live. What a beautiful sky to dive into together.

We aim to capture the meaning behind this occasion — whether that’s through thoughtful interviews or slow-motion dance shots — so you can reflect on your partnership as it evolves happily ever after.



Featured films


Christine & Kyle

These goofballs share a love of the Warriors, traveling, and getting down on the dance floor.


Steven & Jon

From their first look to their choreographed dance number, this couple’s chemistry was off the charts.


Zhu & Will

When nature lovers Zhu and Will asked us to film their wedding in a redwood forest, we were all game.


Celestin & Alex

Their big day featured a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, handmade bouquets, and lots of '90s hip-hop.


David & Sylvia

This holiday-themed wedding took place at the turn of the new year in a little park near their home.


David | Bay area wedding videography testimonial

We were amazed by how Mary and Myles captured so many special moments and interpersonal dynamics.

While we didn't think we needed a videographer when we were planning the wedding, we're so happy now to have those cherished memories captured on video, and in such a polished way!




Myles and Mary are exceptional videographers with a rock-solid work ethic, intuition, and sensitivity.

Somehow, they managed to be there for every little moment, yet also made themselves so unobtrusive that guests kept forgetting they were present.

When we got to see the final product, less than two weeks later, it blew us away.

Not only did they flawlessly represent our wedding, but captured our relationship and the roads we have traveled. We have already watched ours every time we need a boost in our day.



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