The team


Hi! We’re Mary and Myles, a married team of filmmakers who love kindness, laughter, and being a little bit weird.


For more than a decade, we’ve made videos for brands like Google and Startup Weekend.

Now we’re thrilled to be branching out into wedding videos through the recent launch of Thick & Thin Films. What can we say? We’re suckers for love.



More about Mary


Mary’s brain is an endless pit of wild ideas that drive her to greatness and, at times, insanity. She’s a petite package of feisty creativity that perches on chairs, contorts on floors, and runs backward in pursuit of the best shots.

After filming, she plunges her focus into editing marathons where you might discover her crying at footage of your BFF’s reception toast or dancing in her desk chair to a soundtrack song that fits just right.



More About Myles


Myles brings a steadfast supply of calming energy that’s impressively resilient even under the most ambitious of artistic endeavors. As a producer, he translates messy imagination into actionable logistics and knows how to tame a big vision just enough so that it’s possible.

He also has a chameleon-like ability to relax anyone he meets with his unassuming sincerity and contagious tendency to chuckle, often at his own corny jokes.